Michael K ~ Los Angeles

My Size Always Hung Over My Head
My size has always been something that seemed to hang out in the back of my mind no matter what I did. If you've ever been really affected by something in your life, you probably know what I mean. It never seems to fully leave your mind, it's always there waiting for you.

Here's my story:
My life was literally in shambles. My job was in the toilet, my girlfriend was on the verge of leaving me, etc, etc. I won't bore you with my sob story, as they say, everyone has one. Anyway, I had never been pleased with the size of my penis. And though I'd be lying if I said that my small penis had caused all of the problems in my life, it sure hadn't helped. From the time I was 13 I have never been happy with my size.

In junior high, my wrestling team would shower together and though I tried not to look at the other guys' equipment, it was apparent I was one of the smallest around. This lack in the nether regions led me to feel like crap about myself. It affected my relationships (I was always afraid to take off my pants in front of a girl), affected me in social gatherings (my diminutive size was always in the back of my mind keeping me from being the person I wanted to be), and this translated into a myriad of other problems.

So finally, as my life was crumbling apart, I decided to invest in the SizeTrac System as a last ditch effort to repair my existence. At first I didn't notice any changes, but I decided to give it a full go and my god, am I glad I kept with it. I've used the stretcher for 7 months now and have gained a solid 2.25 inches! Strange as it may seem, this little (big) change totally turned my life around. My girlfriend ended up leaving me, but I got the courage to approach girls (and take off my pants) and got a great girl a couple months ago and am totally happy. My job picked up and I still can't quite believe it, but I think my penis size has even affected my confidence at work.

It may not have been the only thing that changed my life, but my new size was definitely the catalyst that brought a lot of things together for me. I never new that a guy's penis size could effect him so much. I credit the developers of SizeTrac for helping me out in so many ways. Thank you so much.

Client Emails

Subject: SizeTrac and my marriage
Hello,My name is Paul and I purchased your product about 3 months ago. I just wanted to let your company know what a difference this has made in my life. I'm married with kids and this paired with my slightly smaller than average penis, was murder on our sex life. I started using your enlarger and have now gained an inch and a half of length and my penis is noticeably fatter. My wife is actually excited for me to take my pants off now. Thanks a lot, from the bottom of my heart.

Subject: single and lovin it
Hey guys. This is a quick note to let you know your program ROCKS. Since starting use, my penis has literally grown 2 inches! I'm single and my sex life is off the hook right now. I never used to have confidence to approach the girls I do now. You know why? Because I have a secret weapon in my pants that the ladies are sure to love. Thanks