Post Penile Surgery Treatment

After any surgery, a scar forms. With time, this scar begins to retract, in what is known as scar retraction. Scar retraction, results in a shrinkage of the area where the surgery is performed.

Whereas scar retraction is not a problem in most surgeries, it becomes a serious problem in prostatic surgery because the body part that eventually shrinks is the penis. The key to preventing post-surgical penile shortening is the SizeTrac.

Usually, penile shortening takes place after any of the following surgeries:

All of the surgeries listed above commonly cause penile shortening. The only effective alternative to prevent penis retraction after a prostatic surgery is by using SizeTrac. By keeping a constant force of traction on the penis, pulling it outwards, it prevents scar retraction from pulling the penis inwards and shortening it.